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Berlin Showroom Lookbooks Autum/Winter 2020

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Berlin Showroom is delighted to introduce the designers of this season’s Autumn/Winter 2020.

Hannes Kettritz

Hannes Kettritz is a luxury clothing label based in Berlin. Established in 2017, the brand focuses on high quality pieces while creating an interaction between purism and structure. Sourcing fabrics from Germany, Italy and France assures the quality is held to the highest standards. Kettritz's collections merge catwalk elegance with a touch of casual sportiness. Hannes Kettritz keeps an eye on sustainability by using up-cycled materials, using short delivery routes between Berlin and Poland, and supporting fair trade.

PR contact:
T. +49 (0)30 224 59 83

Johanna Gauder

Johanna Gauder is a German product designer and goldsmith. Her eponymous label is a link between both disciplines with an aim to find a balance between handcrafted, authentic jewelry and a contemporary design language. The jewelry is characterized by clear and unique forms in combination with a high respect for quality and technical precision. The materiality is firmly based on the solidity of a classic and long-lasting nature. Each piece is made from both silver and gold. All jewelry is handmade in Germany.

PR contact:
M. +49 (0)176 704 977 30


Established in 2019, the high-end streetwear collections of Laboratorium are conceived and designed in Berlin, and made in Italy. The patterns and cuts are simple, tailored to follow the form of the body and to enhance its best shapes. High-quality fabrics choice is the foundation of the brand. ‘Proportions and wear ab il it y, without forgetting the character’ is the motto.

PR contact:
M. +49 (0)17 438 242 08


Maqu is a label founded by Peruvian designer Marisa Fuentes Prado. Inspired by experiences in Lima, Copenhagen and Berlin where the designer currently resides, Prado keeps her focus on classic & practical shapes. Using the finest organic, deadstock fabrics, Maqu is also keeping alive traditional techniques through Alpaca collections. The designs are not only visual but also tactile in experience. All garments are made fairly in Germany & Peru.

PR contact:
M. +49 (0)175 206 85 46

Michael Sontag

Designer Michael Sontag sees his work as an entity. The transitions from season to season build upon each other. His presentations are snapshots without a static character. With this approach the designer blurs common fashion borders and creates a statement detached from fashion parameters such as seasons, trends and consumer ages. This approach is evident in the clarity of his designs; designs which have never been drawn, but rather come to life as they are draped on mannequins.

PR contact:
T. + 49 (0)30 220 177 04


Perlensau creates handcrafted designs from different high quality materials like vegetable tanned leather and skin-friendly PVC, combining them with the latest technology like laser cutting. The designs build a bridge between fashion and future. Sustainability is a very important element of the brand, with a strong focus on zero waste and slow fashion.

PR contact:
M. +49 (0)177 696 10 11


Pugnat is poetic armour. Supersoft, hand-knitted cashmere envelops a woman’s body, embracing her spirit. Structural design punctuates her vigour. Sensuality bonds with strength. Finely-meshed machine-knitwear and sculptural hand-knit garments - two opposing halves reinforcing each other.

PR contact:
T. +49 (0)30 263 669 94

Sepideh Ahadi

As a multicultural brand, Sepideh Ahadi is bridging the gap between her pure middle eastern background and European life experience. In her work, Sepideh embraces the simplicity of the traditional techniques used in Iran, her home place with the elegance found in Italy where she finished her the M.A in fashion design and the practical aesthetic of German lifestyle, where she lives and work now. The brand is dedicated to slow fashion and sustainable practices, in that the designer creates her collections through a considered and experimental process.

PR contact:
M. +49 (0)176 741 823 78

Susann Bosslau Lab

Susann Bosslau Lab was founded in 2019 by designer Susann Bosslau. With a strong family heritage in blacksmithing, Bosslau’s family legacy dates back to 1836. Now, as the first woman and the 7th generation in the family business SCHMIEDE BOSSLAU to take over in this field, she brings a unique and refreshing take on the traditional German handcraft of blacksmithing. Paying homage to the many generations before her using the over 100 years old handmade tools and the original blacksmith fire to create her jewelry.

PR contact:
T. +49 (0)30 639 624 210

Tata Christiane

Tata Christiane is a vision of the street costume. It proposes an absurd and disturbing vision of beauty, with decline, maladjustment, extravagance, and immoderation. It plays with the borders of elegance, digging up our old memories, recycling the waste of our civilisation. It is monomania, a machination and a monstrous and sublime piece. Using hand-made and boutique regional production, the design, cuts, materials and fabrics follow from the adaptation of poetic collage pieces into a contemporary street garment --what we call deconstructed couture.

PR contact:
M. +49 (0)178 168 72 68

Vladimir Karaleev

Vladimir Karaleev is a contemporary design brand with its very own signature style, defining clothing through experimental incision and innovative shape. A striking feature of both the women’s and men's collections is the subtle, yet decisive play of contrast with materials. Collections of up to fifty units balance between signature statement pieces and casual essentials, making each style easily adaptable to everyone's individual understanding of fashion and zeitgeist. The collections have been presented in numerous concept stores in Europe, Asia and North since 2010.

PR contact:
T. +49 (0)30 220 177 04


You can call it bling.
You can call it art.

You can call it hand-crafted.
You can call it contemporary.

You can call it shiny.
You can call it rough.

You can call it jewellery.
You can call it YCCIJ.

We are sensitive aesthetes working on crafted wearables. Always chasing for an easy rawness in everyday beauties.

PR contact:
M. +49 (0)176 844 388 27

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