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From branded socks and underwear to fashionable swimwear, fanwear and lifestyle products, we are proud to make products that are personal to you and to the world. At stichd we call them humble heroes. The first pieces you put on and the last you take off. Partnering with global A-list brands, we make exceptional products within our categories. Our aim is to create experiences that matter by connecting our brands, retailers, and consumers. Understanding what they need and customizing our approach accordingly. This is how we make the difference. We are a family of experts driven by passion and trust that strike the balance between understanding our brands and making products people love.

We are a family of experts. The goods we produce are humble heroes that deserve care and creativity. This passion is a part of our DNA. But we are more than only design, we are product engineers, marketing gurus & service specialists focused on precision and ensuring exceptional experiences.

Outstanding quality and service make the everyday more comfortable and celebratory moments more memorable. That is why at stichd, we don’t do normal. When it comes to underwear, socks, swimwear, fanwear and lifestyle, we craft with intent.